Current Projects:


• ICEF : 

Collective Study is proud to provide on-going support to the annual ICEF Middle East Scholarship Summit. This year, the scholarship summit was organized on the 18 – 19 February, 2024, the 2nd ICEF Middle East Scholarship Summit takes place in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman, and provided a unique opportunity for international educators to network with the largest gathering of scholarship providers sending students abroad from the Middle East.


• Webster University, USA : 

Collective Study is proud to associate with Webster University, USA to provide assistance and support in the following capacities:

• Conference support at the ICEF Middle East Scholarship Program

• Secure Webster University approved listing with government scholarship organizations in the Middle East.

• Work with Webster to identify recruitment and partnership opportunities in the Middle East region.


• Study KSA: 

Collective Study is honored to support Study in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in their endeavor to enhance collaboration and forge partnerships with esteemed global top-200 ranked universities. We understand the requirements  of Study KSA and offer our expertise in the following capacities:

•Facilitating Student Exchange Programs (Short-term and long-term, extending up to 1-year)

•Facilitating Research Exchange Programs

•Providing tailored Training Programs for students

•Coordinating Joint Programs conducted on Saudi University Campuses


Past Project:


First Annual American University Iraq-Baghdad Scholarship Event 


Dates November 18-20, 2023 
Attendees Public and private Iraqi Universities and invited visiting international universities 

About Iraq and AUIB:

Iraq is rebuilding, and great progress has been made. Baghdad continues to experience its revival as the government is building new retail outlets and hotels and repairing infrastructure. As a new and vital part of this exciting city on the Tigris, the American University of Iraq – Baghdad will help pave the way for a complete development of the city and region and give young Iraqis opportunities denied until now.

It is an exciting time and an exciting place to launch a university!


For visiting International Universities:

American University Iraq-Baghdad is inviting a select number of universities ranked on the Shanghai Top 500 to meet with Iraqi universities to create institutional partnerships. Iraqi higher education is rapidly rebuilding and internationalising, and as the only country in the Middle East with a positive GDP, it is an exciting time to work with Iraqi universities. 

Iraqi universities are seeking partners for dual degrees, faculty research and development, student exchange, non-degree programs/certifications. The government of Iraq has significant funding to sponsor students for undergraduate and graduate studies abroad, therefore, creating pathways for sponsored students will be a focus of the event.

Invited universities will have:

  • Business round-trip airfare 
  • Accommodation on the AUIB campus, or an approved 5* hotel
  • All meals
  • Assistance through immigration at the Baghdad International airport, then taken to the AUIB campus and other approved locations via secure vehicles.

Conference Details:

  • Please go to the conference website: to get more information on the conference agenda and schedule.

 Registration Process:

  • Step 1 – Fill out the Registration form
  • Step 2 – Verification of University Profile
  • Step 3 – University profile gets added to pool
  • Step 4 – Attend the conference in Iraq

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